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About me: Killing demons and typing lines. Mostly looking for fun people. I also like hand-written tasks, and killing demons. I can also set tasks, and I can kill demons, if you ask me. I usually put a lot of smileys because I think plain text can't properly transmit feelings. But there, no. And there's a lot of things that plain text can't do, like killing demons. Do you realise the work I have to put into correcting the flaws of plain text? I think subs shouldn't write descriptions saying their fantasies. But I am no sub, because I kill demons. So let's say I sub to women and dominate demons. I am not sure if the "switches" have the same fantasies when they are subs and when they are dominants. For me, it's not the case. I don't fantasise neither on getting my face burnt by shotguns bullets nor on having my jaw torn away from me, but that's what I do when I dominate demons. EH! BEHIND YOU! A DEMON! YUM YUM! :)

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