Write for me lets you set up writing tasks!

Don't you know someone who really needs to learn a lesson? Well - we are here for you! Just set up a task of writing a line you chose and tell us, how many times this person has to write it.

Give away the link to your assignment and we will take care of the rest - we are even keeping track of the time needed - and we have some lovely ideas to make it a little bit more vicious ;)

Sounds too easy? Give it a try!

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Most Popular public Tasks

by Mal,
finished 13461 times
I will write during my breaks
by Domesticare,
finished 12792 times
Face down, *** up, tasting dust - I am right where I belong. Please …
by summeringle,
finished 11465 times
i adore and worship sweet Princess Summer. i exist for Princess Summer…
by Marilene,
finished 10771 times
Marilene is inactive.
by MissGina,
finished 4994 times
i enjoy typing lines for Miss Gina everyday. Miss Gina is pleased when…
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Newest public Tasks

Slave, I will humiliate you and degrade you!
I am feeling very sleepy... my eyes are drooping... my head is …
I want to taste your candy cane!
I will tribute Lady candy cane!
Fall tribute obey!
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